Does Your Girlfriend Want You To Use Male Enlargement Products?

One of the age old questions when it comes to penis size is – how big is too big? Obviously, this is not a clear cut question for men. On one hand, if the penis is too small, there is no pleasure to his partner during sex. However, on the other hand, if the penis is too big, it can equally kill the pleasure and quickly turn it in to pain.

So – what is the right penis size? Unfortunately, that is not for us to say. Ultimately, the only way that you will be able to find out the answer to this question is if you consult and have a heart to heart chat with your girlfriend. But short of this, we do have a little bit of advice for men who believe that their penis is too small.

How Small is "Small"?

There is definitely a cut-off point when it comes to penis size where no female would ever satisfied. Obviously, if you have a small penis, the amount of pleasure that you are able to provide to your partner is significantly limited.

Having done a survey of our own on this matter, the results have decided on a single figure (although we did have to take an average), which you might be able to consider as the cut-off point.

That point is at 5 inches. Our respondent females told us that if a male’s penis was shorter or smaller than 5 inches, they would not feel as much or enough pleasure in the bedroom. When asked whether or not they would encourage a man to use a male enhancement product to enlarge the size of their penis, the answer was usually yes.

Other Findings of our Research

Aside from the two pivotal questions that we asked in our survey (the minimum penis size and whether men should use male enlargement products), we also found a few other interesting statistics in the data.

Take a look at these points:

Hence, the stigma associated with penis enlargement surely has been put to rest by our studies.