Of Guilty Pleasures And Good Times – Extenze Side Effects

On an urge to boost up sagging sex lives, men and women hasten to buy enhancers without giving second thoughts about side effects and thinking only about enjoying their sex journey. But Extenze here always will present you with facts and help you find out and identify what kind of side effects it might have on your body apart from being extremely effective in the original purpose. The first thing to be noted is that the reaction of your body to this enhancement product might certainly be different from other ones. In this article now, you can acquaint yourself with the facts, ingredients, what Extenze does and also the side effects it might cause.

For men:

Before the topic takes off, it is important for you all to remember that some of you might be allergic to certain ingredients in this product. The lists of ingredients are given below and it is only prudent on your part to check if all of it agrees with your body before having it.

The ingredients are :



3. Ginseng-eleuthero,

4. L-Arginine,




8.Tribulus Terrestris.

Contrary to general belief, an Extenze pill is not like Viagra. While Extenze boosts erections and increases the penis size, it does not help in curing erectile dysfunction. It has the minimum possible side effects. An over dose might lead to extreme and reckless energy sometimes sleeplessness.

Many of Extenze’s customers say that these pills also assist them in erectile dysfunction and this shows the extreme effectiveness but it is always advised for men with erectile dysfunction to consult the doctor before using the product. The components which are used to prepare Extenze generally undergo all possible lab tests to test their quality standards. Last but not least, though the side effects for a man with normal health is very less, it is recommended that you eat only the prescribed amount and not contaminate your body with too many pills for as the gyan goes, too much of anything is good for nothing.

For women:

Women are more delicate than men are. It is important to remember to again check the ingredients in our product and see if it will agree with your body. First and foremost, this product is strictly prohibited for users below the age of 18 and for women who have not attained their puberty yet. Some of the ingredients in our product may give trouble during women’s menstrual periods (which usually depends on the woman again). It is also wise not to use this product while menstruating or while pregnant or during the lactation period.

Thought Extenze is the only product which comes with minimal side effects, it is always wise to think twice and check with your physician before using the product. But if you go the enhancement way, always go Extenze!