Leaflets From The Times Of Yore - Extenze Formula

In a market filled with worthless products and useless formulas, the advent of Extenze range of male enhancement products has come as a breath of fresh air to those tired of smelling the stale odor of wasted money. Extenze is one company that is always ahead of its time by both business ethics and research.

The Extenze range of products are always a cut above the rest, with their all natural tag and their very few side effects compared to the rest of the toxic substances available in the market that have their fair share of issues to sort out.

These products are typically toxic and cause a variety of disorders in the regions of the heart, kidneys, liver and bowel. This damage is mainly caused by steroids, which is an oft used item in male enhancement products in the market. Extenze is the only firm that uses entirely natural ingredients, some of which have been mentioned below.

These ingredients make sure that side effects are either non existent or minimal and do not affect the overall health of the customer.
Extenze has some key components like Zinc, Folate, DHEA and Pregnenolone. The other wholly natural ingredients of Extenze include spices and plant extracts, which are used in that form n order to retain their nutritional overall value.

Some of the plant products used are Black Pepper, Ginger, Piper Longum, Yohimbine and Horny Goat Weed. The presence of Zinc, Folate and DHEA is due to their efficiency in increasing the amounts of testosterone in the body. DHEA, along with a specific amount of cholesterol, produces testosterone, and this is precisely why DHEA is called as the smallest building block of testosterone.

Zinc also contributes largely to this process and hence testosterone is garnered, which increases the sexual drive and energy in the individual and makes him active, alert and hard to appease. The other components in the product, like Damiana leaves, Ho Shou Wu extract, Astragalus and Velvet Deer Antler are very well known aphrodisiacs which increase the intensity in a person and help him maintain hour long erections. All these components are natural and devoid of any form of side effects too.

These ingredients also prevent orgasmic dysfunction and penile dysfunction, while also contributing to the overall growth of the body too in the process. Yes, taking Extenze is good for your body, pretty much like your vitamin pills, only that they help you in bed too.

So much for Viagra and the other sex enhancers that leave you tired, flustered and exhausted. Get a pack of Extenze ,surprise your wife with your new and improved manliness and roar your way through intense and orgasmic moments.