Choose Maxoderm over Penile Surgery

If you look into penis enlargement surgery you will find documented medical facts that your penis is actually longer than you think it is. One or two more inches hide underneath the skin and attach to your pubic arch, rooted lower than it looks from the area that it emerges from.

One form of penis enlargement or male enhancement surgery goes on this theory and works with the suspensory ligaments attaching your penis to the pubic arch. It hopes to increase size by severing these ligaments so that your penis pops out farther and appears to have a longer length of the one or two inches that were hidden by skin.

 Maxoderm can increase you penis size with out this painful and often unsuccessful method by a simple application of a specially designed all natural male enhancement cream.

It provides you with a longer and bigger erection, which increases your sexual pleasure and over time it can even increase the overall size of you penis with out and knives or pain. With surgery however the lengthening procedures like we just discussed have a healing time of several days to weeks and they are often unsuccessful in increasing any real size when aroused.

There can also be some real side effects stemming from the fact that what was once used to anchor your penis to your pubic bone is now gone and the penis is literally floating loose against your pubic bone instead of held in place as nature intended it.

Usually when the penis is not hard or active this does not cause a significant problem, though it can feel funny and uncomfortable. When it gets aroused however is when the real problems start.

When you attain an erection the penis now loose from the pubic bone can slip and shift around during sex or masturbation and cause pain or difficulty in ejaculating and without that needed suspensory ligament to hold it most erections will point straight out or even downward permanently instead of facing upward.

A safer solution is Maxoderm, which works in a marvel way and will not cause any of the problems faced by surgical procedures. It is also far less expensive and although does not guarantee a number of inches increased in your penis length it will give you longer and harder erections than ever before and not include the obvious dangers or a botched surgery that could cause disfigurement. Or even risk penis shortening by the body trying to repair itself and forming scar tissue which pulls the penis back even tighter than before to the body.

Another type of surgery is done to increase the girth of your penis by taking fat cells usually from your abdomen and injecting the transplanted cells around the penis.  This is known as a fat transfer and can increase your girth by one to three inches.  But Maxoderm can also do this over time with out having to have two surgical scar sites and risk infection in both.